What should be done to make a small places look bigger.

A little room can be caused to feel greater and extensive from various perspectives, With plenty of experience here are some pro-tips from AG design studio team that had previously proved quite fruitful for clients having compact spaces.

Color scheme

Continuously settle on nonpartisan and light tone for your dividers, dim and strong tones will make your room much more little and claustrophobic. Abstain from painting the roof dull, White is the most ideal decision.

Accessories your home smartly

A room without accessories resembles a movie without sentiments. It feels deficient. Right accessories in the right place like an old fashioned chest or a pendant light dangling from the roof could be utilized to redirect the consideration towards the style, also removing consideration from the room size.


Gone are the days when mirrors were utilized uniquely at the dressing table. Where everything mirrors can be set?? On closets, Foyer, Passage, we can likewise we can put the mirror accordingly in a suitable corner of the room.