Three things that decide the functionality level of your kitchen.

What might you consider to be the main room in the house and likely the most costly to renovate? No doubt, you will say that it’s a kitchen so do we believe. This is the reason, making right choices for your kitchen is AG design studio’s number one priority right from the planning stage.

Three of the major attributes ignored in kitchen renovations are:

  • Storage
  • Workspace
  • Lighting

You emphasize mostly on the view and color of a kitchen, and give little attention to reasonable issues, for example, storage, workspace and lighting.  Absence of these significant attributes makes big differences on how functional your kitchen would be.

Picking some wrong choices and finishes, for example marble seat-tops might be the trend; however there are different surfaces you should opt to make a difference.

Our house is our asset and investment, unquestionably not one we would all wish to be without. AG design studio has designed some promising kitchen designs with 100 percent functionality.