The Importance of a kitchen in Pandemic times

During the most recent streak of months, we have ended up working independently at home, to keep us all pushing forward together in these uncertain times.

While you have telecommuted, educated from home, coordinated meals and snacks, directed zoom gatherings, set up introductions, and for the most part, attempted to keep everything as typical as could reasonably be expected, you’ve presumably additionally discovered yourself contemplating the space you’re working from – the kitchen.

In the event that it was named the ‘heart of the home’ previously, it unquestionably is genuine now, as this is the place where we empty our essences into every day by day to keep the motor running in a manner of speaking.

You’ve most likely had the opportunity to consider how the design might have been exceptionally arranged, or how the lighting might have been scattered in an unexpected way. Or then again perhaps you ought to have utilized that vacant divider space to design an investigation alcove out of adding more workspace.

These are the thoughts that will have struck a chord and here are a few pointers on how The AG design studio can help.

Our professional designers are experienced enough in spatial arranging and design of kitchens and bathrooms. Thoughts regarding how you can format a kitchen to incorporate adequate and simple admittance to capacity, wide countertops, and in any event, figuring out a space for a work area and a couple of racks to put together a PC on.

With experience in picking a huge number of apparatuses and fittings, our in-house configuration group is available to direct you through the labyrinth of things on offer. We will hold your hand while you consider what sort of shading or finishes you could pick on your cupboards and what kind of countertops is most appropriate to your way of life.

With a simple on the web, virtual interview, or call, or visit our showroom we can examine what your thoughts resemble, and how we can make them mix home and benefit from the space accessible.

We’re here to help you thoroughly consider the choices and examine what’s the most ideal route forward to making the space you had always wanted.