A design for functional bathroom in compact homes.

Small bathrooms represent a typical complexity – how to transform compact space into one that permits you to relax for some time? Gone are the days when minimized washrooms could halt you explore the opportunities. Thus, regardless of whether you like brilliant shadings or quieted ones, a peaceful space or a peppy one, AG design studio has got you covered! Look at our small space bathroom plans in your compact home.

Point #1

Choose the apt material to make a difference. We have right directions for you to choose the material to make small space look spacious.

Point #2

Coloring your bathroom walls may decide how you pass your time in. Colors depend upon one’s peculiarity. Based on huge experience of AG design studio, we can assist you to overshadow the compactness of your bathroom by choosing wise coloring schemes.

Point #3

Accessories play an important role in making space in your bathrooms. AG design studio can assist you in this regard as we have plenty of accessories and storage ideas to make your compact bathroom comfortable one.