Roof’s Decor – The Often Ignored Element

For any room in the home, the ceiling plays an utmost vital role. It adds ultimate beauty to our rooms. With our huge experience in the industry, we have often seen clients do not pay attention to the ceiling especially in the case of the bathroom and kitchen. AG design studio understands its responsibility and always advocates the importance of ceiling in bath and kitchen.

For the most part, we suggest light and alluring roofs. Stud statures of the standard 2.4m, as a dependable guideline, should be painted with a light tone. 2.7 meter high roofs give you a greater value than anything can give.

One of the critical advantages of a clever interior design is to expand the qualities of your interior spaces and lessen or cover the shortcomings, and ceilings is the pinpoint problem people often ignore but they would never ignore if the work with our skilled AG design team.