Explore the lost luxury in your bathroom settings

In your mind, your bathroom is your own safe-haven, the embodiment of smoothness, peacefulness, and extravagance. Once in a while, the truth doesn’t exactly satisfy the dream. In the event that you find that this is the situation for you, don’t stress, AG design studio as always got the solutions for you, we have gathered some valuable ideas on how you can live your dream.

Ultimate Luxury in Marble Looks

A work of art, enduring, and lovely material to have in any bathroom is a marble. Marble is a definitive material that brings a quick feeling of luxury. Marble is the ideal fit for small as well as bigger bathrooms. Adding a component as lush as marble hoists the room as well as enhances your home.

Extravagance Lighting

The right lighting in your bathroom is one of the principal supporters of a pleasant bathroom time spending. Try not to wrongly think a solitary overhead light source will be adequate to make a lush space. We prescribe working with downlights to enlighten the room, and spot a spotlight focused straightforwardly over the bowl for ideal vanity lighting.