Are you perturbed with kids making pencil marks on wall in home? Read this to find solution.

The principal thing you need to do is abstain from worrying over it since this will endure as developing kids need a canvas to draw on. Colored pencils are made of wax and are less muddled than paint or markers. They can be managed without any problem. AG design studio’s tips will tell you how simply you can get rid of these crayons without forbidding your kids.

Soap Water

Cleanser can be weakened with some water. Utilize a material or a steel fleece and plunge in the cleanser water and take the stains off. For best outcomes, be patient and delicate while scouring.


Hot air helps in liquefying the wax in colored pencils, subsequently the blow-dryer. Utilize a spotless fabric and plunge it in cleanser water. Hold the dryer against the marks and delicately wash the separates.


Toothpaste abrasives help in eliminating pastel imprints. Apply non-gel toothpaste on the colored pencil marks. Tenderly rub the imprints with an old toothbrush or a scrubber.