A list of pro-tips for kitchen cabinet cleaning woes

From stainless steel to wooden countertops, a well-cleaned kitchen makes a big difference in maintaining your favorite kitchen pieces. People most often used to fed up cleaning and end up buying new hardware for the kitchen. AG design studio, through this article, will tell its valuable customers some remedies to clean kitchen cabinets.

Let’s begin with wooden hardware


In traditional kitchens, wooden hardware adds charm and glance. Cleaning wooden hardware is not rocket science. By spraying the soapy mix with water and vinegar can do the job. Rub the water on the hardware gently with a brush and clean it accordingly.


Glass knobs might look discouraging to clean regularly but honestly, glass knobs are easiest to maintain. You just need to spray the solution of water and vinegar and rub it with a newspaper to avoid streaking.


Metal hardware is most commonly used in homes. For cleaning metallic hardware, you should soak the hardware with a soapy solution for a few hours and after doing away with the dirt, grime, or rusting. Soak everything with a solution of vinegar, lemon juice, or borax and make your kitchen countertops as shiny as new.